This is my personal professional page. In addition to my contact information, the site offers links to various facets of my professional activity as a youth psychotherapist, teacher, supervisor, and psychotherapy researcher. By clicking on these links, you will be directed to a new tab with more detailed information about these areas.
My background encompasses a range of roles within psychology: I am a licensed psychologist (PsL), a specialist psychologist, a youth psychotherapist, and a trainer psychotherapist in integrative psychotherapy. Additionally, I serve as a teacher and supervisor in extended Cognitive-Analytical Psychotherapy training programs as well as in shorter training sessions focused on an integrative approach known as DiaSek. I am also preparing my doctoral thesis on psychotherapeutic change at the University of Helsinki's Faculty of Medicine, within the Clinical Research Unit.
Before transitioning to my current roles, I worked for 10 years at HUS Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in various capacities across different departments, acute wards, long-term rehabilitation for seriously ill youth, outpatient clinics, and in neuropsychiatry.
My practice is located in South Haaga, at Oskelantie 5c, 00320 Helsinki, mainly working with adolescents and young adults. My approaches are flexible and tailored to each client's needs.
I am listed in Kela's service provider register for rehabilitation psychotherapy, as well as in the registers for Kela's demanding medical rehabilitation and HUS Purchase Service Psychotherapy. My work particularly focuses on perspectives related to youth. Working languages finnish and english.
The best way to contact me to book psychotherapy is via email at

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